Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's on the GO

Scarlet Brief in process
I started my part-time Fine Arts Program with Andrew Owen.  It's going to be a great learning experience.  The challenge will be patience.  I would really love to be a full time student.  The truth is that's incredibly difficult with young children, (I will be patient - they are only small for a short time).

Our first assignment is to reproduce "Scarlet" as close to the original as possible (to find out more about Scarlet visit: -using the prescribed supplies.

This was my first try  - I am on the second attempt and will mostly likely have a third and time allowing a fourth simply because that's how it works right?  I've not managed to get her correctly organized - I don't think my illustration shows her weight in her right foot, (this is how I see the original we are to emulate) - also her legs are generally needing better work.

I did learn how to make a super turquoise colour that pops so beautifully!  My wash here is not strong enough in this timid attempt for you to see.

Lastly - I am working on quite a few changes to my blog at present.  You will notice Tuesday's post was late.  This was due to the learning process.  Please be patient - leave your comments, suggestions or better - YOUR story of learning as a creator.


  1. Wow, you always impress me. How do you juggle so much! You're really amazing and you seem to be getting alot done. Your illustration is looking really good, I don't do comic book or concept art myself but I really do appreciate it. The boys over at Muddy Colors do quite a bit of that and they are some of my favourite artists.

  2. Helga - what a GREAT link! This was such a great find for me today; thank you for sharing something much bigger than you know. I'm also not into the comic book scene but that is what we are using as our learning tool and I'm learning loads.