Monday, February 27, 2012

SARK TUESDAY: Impatience

Today's Creative Dream Card from SARK is about impatience.

Making creative dreams real can sometimes be a slow or uneven process.  It can be tempting to practice impatience to try to accelerate progress.  This leads to fear and frustration.

The above is incredibly true.  So true in fact I've been living it for the past few weeks.  I keep breathing and napping and pushing and ...ok ..yes trying to do it all and have it all and be it all!  There...the first step to recovery.  Whew - I still don't feel less frustrated or fearful.  I am being patient with the process though.

For me it seems I get one opportunity, (I was encouraged by a gallery to send them pics of my artwork just four days ago!) - to have it feel taken away from me, (I walked into art class this morning and looked at my three weeks behind work and felt I might never reach my dream).  How could I have gallery ready art when I can't even finish an art class project?  The two sides of me went head to head and what I'm left with is the knowing that I need to breathe and believe that with each micro-step I take I am doing something to reach my dream.  It may take me an eternity longer than I would like it to but at least I'm moving forward.  I have been in two exhibitions, I have sold art works, I have paintings in New Zealand and will soon have one in Australia.  I can do this and I even have moments when I AM living my dream.

I think the best part is what's slowing up my process is being present with my big beautiful family.  I am behind in my projects because I go to the sports games and gala's.  I do the homeschooling and the outings.  My children are growing and learning and watching me do the same.  My stretching nourishes their potentials.  I have to keep in mind that there are limits to what one person can manage in 24hours.

I also need to keep putting one creative mark after the other!

What are you being impatient about with your dreams?  How are you being patient with your process?  How do those around you benefit from your journey?  Share your success or slides!  Let's get there together.


  1. Oh it is so hard not to be impatient to "make it" to the next step. Reading The Artist's Way reminded me that we have to love the process and let go of outcome. Because the creating IS the dream.

    It sounds like you are making great progress in this regard. Congrats!

    1. Julie thank you so much for being in the journey of the Artist's Way. All of life is entwined - reminding me also that there is not beginning nor end. There is no destination. There is ONLY the journey. If you aren't having fun on it - take a detour! ;-D

  2. Well I felt the same as you a couple of years ago but then Mark changed it for me. But sometimes I still feel like that, especially today. But hang on, your dream will come true. It took me more than 2 years but its all worth it. Dont lose your dream!

    1. Hi Karien - thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the encouragement so very much. I promise to keep going.